I am Anthony Falzetti a forever student.

The intention of this blog is to be my internal dialog as I work through problems I face in my career, a summary of notes from books I am studying, and a place to think out loud as I reason out something I am struggling with. For my career, I started at the service desk and some of those notes I would like to summarize so future me can remember some of the things I learned along the way. My previous job I wrote a mixture of Ruby and Elixir based upon the project, but currently I am writing 100% elixir so a lot of the posts will be elixir related, or at least my journey in functional programming.

While this is going to be my internal dialog as I learn things and attempt to document my journey I would love some feedback and some dialog with others as a way of checking my assumptions. If you read a post and have thoughts or corrections please reach out. Thanks for reading and hope this is helpful.